Happy 18th Birthday Nic !!


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Happy Days

Leanne and Liam were very happy and proud of Nic when they visited him on Tuesday!

February 9, 2012

17 year old Nicolas  “Nic” Paterson suffered a spinal cord injury on February 9th during a BMLSS school trip to Horseshoe Resort. He was rushed to Barrie’ s Royal Victoria Hospital and air lifted to St Michael’s Hospital.  He underwent a long surgery in the early hours of February 10 at St. Michael’s Hospital to fuse his spine.

“We have prayers being shared all over this continent and I know God will give us our miracle, along with a lot of challenges… We are thankful that he is alive, and that there was no brain damage” said his mother, Tammy Paterson.

This is going to take time…a lot of time. He will be in ICU for a month or two.

He needs to learn how to breathe on his own. The doctors have noticed that Nic’s diaphragm “rocks” apparently, so we are very hopeful that he will be kicking the ventilator to the curb soon.

His shoulders are moving, as are his arms.

He is moving his wrists and squeezing our hands.  Great progress!

He could be looking at paralysis from the waist down, but we believe it is too soon to be sure.

There are plans being made for various fundraisers to support his recovery efforts – for him and his family while they are confined to downtown Toronto. Needless to say, his mother Tammy has many unforeseen expenses as she sits by his bedside in Toronto. She is expected to do so for months. As a self-employed businesswoman, her business income will be diminished greatly. A group of friends are working to help ease her burden while she maintains her vigil.

A website has been created at and a TD Trust Account is being set up to accept donations.

Contacts and details are on the website. If you wish updates on Nic’s progress or wish to be notified of community events being held that you may wish to attend, please visit our webpage. Your expressions of support for Nic can be noted there as well.
We thank you in advance for our friends, family and community support.