May 2013

May was Busy!







We finally got our Van!





Thank you to PC Children’s Charity, March of Dimes, Lions Club of Gravenhurst, The Rotary of Gravenhurst and The Rotary of Muskoka Lakes. You kind generousity has given us freedom like we have never known.



Nicolas had his Assessment to Drive!





What does that mean? That means he went through a barrage of testing to see if he can see, think, learn, judge and be ready to go forward with getting his G2.  They also let us know what will be required to modify the van further to get him driving. Our goals to get there are to get his upper body stronger so he can use the hand controls for steering, braking and driving. To start driving lessons now, would be an additional $8,000 to change our steering box and other things to make it move with less force. We are opting for our goal of getting Nic stronger in the next few months. Patience is Nicolas’ middle name.


 Hospital Again!


imagesimagesst mikes may


Big concerns with his heart. For over a week his heart was beating at an average rate of 118 bpm and spiking to 150bpm. Normal is 70bpm. After seeing his Doctors in the morning and having a quick stint at Toronto Western, we went to St Michael’s Hospital. When taken into Major Trauma, his heart rate finally dropped to normal.  After a ton of tests, he was released and we made an appointment with a Cardiologist.


There has been no reason to date for this craziness. We are now going to see if his bladder or kidneys may have made his heart race like this. Add onto the wound on his shoulder blade that is taking its sweet time healing, this kid continues to amaze me with his tolerance of this crap.




chris and nic at promnic prom
Prom was at the Windemere House and seemed well enjoyed.


I think the after party might

have been just as big a hit!


prom group












Nicolas has needles sticking into him on Mondays!


needles in arm

Acupuncture needles apparently don’t hurt!

We are trying to get his neck and shoulder pain in check!

His Holistic Dr is trying to fatten him up, but I think I can do a better job 🙂










Paul is his therapist, and this gives Nicolas strength

and muscles resistance exercises.


Oh yes, and comedic relief with these two!





And why this is all worth it?





walking may 2013

April 2013

Thangs are a Changin!


We are pumping everything up right now! New Diet! More Intense and more hours of Physio Therapy. 6 more months of insanity. Pulling out all of the stops…because we can, and this is the time to go further. Because Nic knows he can do it.


Nic will be at PhysioLogics Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. He will also be going back to Lyndhurst Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sneaking in School on Mondays and Thursdays…we are going for gold. I am more concerned whether Wheeltrans can possibly keep up with this schedule of his 🙂

nic on treadmill



We have heard (we have not seen it yet after almost 5 months of waiting!) that our VAN is back from the United States after Modifications.  Did you know it is more expensive for Modifications than the actual van?  That’s the way things work in this disabled world. Regardless we are over the moon on the freedom it will give our family.  Nicolas has his driving assessment in 2 weeks…then watch out world, HE WILL BE DRIVING…


Scared face2

Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep.




nic and julie

feb 9th at PhysioLogics

March 2013

Our Inspiration


On Nic’s 18th birthday, he was at St Michael’s Hospital having a plastic surgeon cut out a bursa? Well lets just call it a cyst. Poor Bugger.


This cyst has caused pain, a hole  the size of my fist on his shoulder blade, and no more going on the treadmill until it is healed. So he works everything else…he never stops.


Oh yes, let’s not forget his debut video…just to inspire others!


Click the link below!




Thank you Kevin Millington, from MTM Productions,  for your honesty and becoming such a special friend to our family. 


kevin and nic

February 9th, 2013 Week 53?





How a year can change your life.


Well actually a split second.







This anniversary has changed Nicolas, Mitchell, me and most everyone around us. It is wonderful to see how we survived. Many times it is more than I can bear to go back in the blog and see what has happened to my little family.  Then I look in my boys eyes, and the pride I have for those two little men are all I need to go forward.



The anniversary of “February 9” was an incredible day.


winter river

 A day of being “the model” at his Physio Therapy Studio.  He was asked to show other therapists the abilities and courageous efforts of a young boy that was told he had a 1% chance of ever moving his legs. Well he showed them.








Then rush rush in the van. Bite to eat and up to the cottage, we are having a bonfire and bbq for Nic. Lovely friends and our custom made family came and we could not have been more blessed with bright sunshine, 0 degrees, and no wind.


 Thank you for coming!









I promise this year to get you more video…if Nic is ok with it 🙂



January 9th, 2013 The Year that will Rock!


So the goals of 2013 for the Paterson’s?   


Nicolas’ has big ones!  So far he is is in school for 5 hours a week, 4 physiotherapy sessions, Social Work (Patricia helps us through the process of government and services, issues and problems that arise, things Mom hasn’t figured out yet!)  and Occupational Therapy.

Then home on weekends!


Mitchell is back in Red Deer, making his fortune…and doing something until he finds the thing he wants to do with his life. I know he will find it. He has a house that he is renting with some buddies and has been without a car for almost 30 days. I have a feeling that will soon be over. He likes the thrill of a new vehicle, always had. I don’t remember how many he has gone through. I just wish he wasn’t so far away, I miss him much.


Nic’s standing frame is almost good to go. It will get him standing and bearing weight on those legs that need strength. It also gives his body practice at balance. You remember when Liam and Leanne was there for the day? Well that’s the Standing Frame. I’ll get a better picture for you when ours is set up 🙂



Oh my…. ANOTHER Wheelchair!!! It’s gotta be DIFFERENT than anyone else’s. Sleek, fast, light, colourful.  I am going to suggest that we have a vote from all his friends, which one he should choose?  This Wheelchair we will need to do some serious fundraising for, or  I could sell an organ or something…lol. Stay tuned!





Why ANOTHER wheelchair? Well it’s a process I have learned. People in Motorized Wheelchairs have goals to get to a Manual.


Freedom…to go with buddies in their cars. You transfer more, you get upper strength, it folds, it’s light, you no longer NEED a Motorized in your mind… it is just the GOAL!


Then he wants to do this!


And then do more of  that walking stuff he is becoming famous for! 🙂




January 1st, 2013 Lesson’s Learned in 2012



In my whole life, I have never been more thankful for everything  that has been given to my family.

We had Nicolas for Christmas this year. We also know we almost didn’t. That was our gift this Holiday Season.

We also had a Mitchell fly home just in time for the holidays. ( Angel Jozine, Diane and Larry on Duty♥)

I want to Thank each and everyone this past year for all of your prayers, your support, your beds and your shoulders to cry on. It is somewhat of a huge fog, and all I can know for sure is we survived. And to know that anything is possible in this life and In our Country.

I also seen how my children have thrived in a very challenging world. What they have learned about caring and the strength of loving people they learned in 2012.

When I got off the plane in Toronto to see my boys the day after the accident, I knew I would never walk alone again. I just knew it in my soul. I knew my boys would be fine, we would all be fine.  Mitchell was strong when I am sure he just wanted to crumble, Leanne was the Angel that always is flying around us every step of the way. Someone let the gates burst open with the Angels, and has never stopped…with children, teenagers, friends, family and strangers  that are so kind and compassionate that I am humbled.

You gave the Paterson’s Strength. You got us through.

♥Thank you so very much ♥

December 2nd

I am Sorry 🙁

It has been a very long time since I have blogged.

Nic hates the blog. I guess I get too excited and tell everyone everything before he gets a chance too. Which isn’t fair to Nic.


He wouldn’t even let me take pictures because…it would end up on the blog. I didn’t want to upset him so I didn’t blog.

I told him how much people missed our adventures and he has given me permission to blog again…I do miss letting you all know what is going on!

Nicolas did move to the Bellwood House, his first apartment. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving there, and he has made many friends.

Mom, Erin and Nic

Harrison and Nic

Our beautiful friends :)

Nicolas left Lyndhurst and has been waiting to become an Outpatient. It took 2 months, but while we waited our friend Kathy Trinder sent us to a very special Neuro Physiotherapist. He went 2 times a week and she is incredible. A gift to have met someone so incredible… Kathy…thank you so much.

Nic, Julie and Mitchell at Physio Logics

Physio is everything right now. 2 times a week at Lyndhurst and 2 times a week at Physio Logic. Add in Social Work, Occupational Therapy and 5 hours a week of schooling…Nic is a busy boy during the week.

Mitchell came back from Asia early…surprise!!! And he is gone again…Red Deer Alberta, training to work in the Oil Fields. He will do me proud…he always does.  Never a dull moment…please let there be a dull moment one day :0

We are now proud owners of  a small home on the Severn River.  The renovations are not complete, but the deck lift is in and Nic has come to his new home. It was the best thing, for two days, I didn’t feel torn. I should be there or I should be here. Peace for 2 days, cooking his favourite things…watching him sleep…having my two boys home. Priceless.

oh yes…the cottage does sleep my two boys, David and I and 5 friends…just saying!

My wonderful man is home

I just have to say children are so amazing….just when you think they couldn’t possibly do something…they do. Because basically they are suppose to make our lives hell. It’s their job. I did it to my parents and it is just growing up. But Nic and his friends (thankyou to the Dodds family for letting him stay with you in November) are truly incredible. Nic has an old soul in a beautiful teenager.(I know that is totally against what anyone would believe) and I have never been prouder of a human being in my life… and he is my boy.

Nic and Ivan

August 21st Week 26 to Week 29


The Paterson’s are Moving Forward

As Nicolas continues to learn how to sit and now stand with muscles he retrains everyday, we move forward to the next steps of his rehabilation.

These weeks in August have taken Nic sailing, many trips with friends and family to Shoeless Joe’s Restaurant and new plans for our future.  We have had Spud, Aunt Donna and a very special visit from Jake, our mini Nic. Thank you Auntie Patricia for the apple crisp!
And a special thanks to his friends from home that surprise him with visits just when he needs them most.  He has made many friends at Lyndhurst and like life happens, they pass in and out of our lives, moving forward.

On September 17th Nic will be moving to  his own Apartment.  At his apartment at the Bellwoods Center he will continue his rehab at Lyndhurst 2-3 times a week, and he will start his schooling, along with anything else we need to do that we don’t know about yet. Apparently the colour of the walls will be black. Trying to change his mind.

I was told by my son a few weeks ago that it was time to stop taking Mom to School.  So I have given him his space, and started working and forging forward with making new memories for our family. I have a special surprise for my son…No I can’t tell you all until I tell him 🙂  Let’s just say you won’t always have to go to Toronto to see Nic in the near future. So excited!!

This morning I was at a meeting with the kind and generous people from the Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Rotary Club. They have helped our family in the darkest of times, and I am humbled to have been asked to speak this morning. I wish I had the time to join this club and help others like they do. I will one day.

The last of the big news is my oldest son Mitchell will be doing something he has wanted to do for a very long time. He will be leaving for Asia on Thursday to experience life. After all that we have been through, and as much as both Nic and I don’t want him to go, I think its time for him… 🙁  Be safe my little man.

August 1st Week 20 to Week 26

Is Anyone Ready for Some Really Great News?

How about Simply Incredible?

Six weeks ago I thought I was losing my son. I called my neurosurgeons office in tears, as Nic laid in pain with no ideas on what or how to help him. I slept with him because I was scared of the nurses. I was scared he would die in the middle of the night alone. It was as I said last blog “brutal”.  As Sandra said tonight “You candy coated the last blog…it was beyond grim.”


Nic’s pain started with a bladder infection. When you have a spinal cord injury, your brain over reacts much of the time. Especially if you have an infection. His brain knows something is wrong so sends crazy signals to anywhere to signal a problem. So they medicated him with Hydro morphine. (5 Xs as strong as normal morphine) that caused him to be terribly constipated. And his brain again sent those pain signals everywhere. He wanted to die, the pain so unbearable.


This vicious circle didn’t end until my call to Dr. Das’ office. Then  came a Doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr Rashid Gupta. Handsome, kind and brilliant. The things the doctors had not done for 3 weeks, he did in days. He stuck a tube down Nic’s nose, cleared his bowels, then because he specializes in addictive medications…got him off all the morphine.   Ok I believe in Angels again. 🙂


If anyone ever has to go through this, which I am sure is inevitable with a Spinal Cord Injury, please tell them about this blog… I felt so alone, so scared. I called every one I knew that could help us. I wish I knew where to go so much earlier…and so much pain ago. I would help anyone not go through this.




Those days are behind us now 🙂

Pictures are worth a thousand words…don’t you think?

First Steps

Nic's First Steps

Nic's First Steps