August 1st Week 20 to Week 26

Is Anyone Ready for Some Really Great News?

How about Simply Incredible?

Six weeks ago I thought I was losing my son. I called my neurosurgeons office in tears, as Nic laid in pain with no ideas on what or how to help him. I slept with him because I was scared of the nurses. I was scared he would die in the middle of the night alone. It was as I said last blog “brutal”.  As Sandra said tonight “You candy coated the last blog…it was beyond grim.”


Nic’s pain started with a bladder infection. When you have a spinal cord injury, your brain over reacts much of the time. Especially if you have an infection. His brain knows something is wrong so sends crazy signals to anywhere to signal a problem. So they medicated him with Hydro morphine. (5 Xs as strong as normal morphine) that caused him to be terribly constipated. And his brain again sent those pain signals everywhere. He wanted to die, the pain so unbearable.


This vicious circle didn’t end until my call to Dr. Das’ office. Then  came a Doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr Rashid Gupta. Handsome, kind and brilliant. The things the doctors had not done for 3 weeks, he did in days. He stuck a tube down Nic’s nose, cleared his bowels, then because he specializes in addictive medications…got him off all the morphine.   Ok I believe in Angels again. 🙂


If anyone ever has to go through this, which I am sure is inevitable with a Spinal Cord Injury, please tell them about this blog… I felt so alone, so scared. I called every one I knew that could help us. I wish I knew where to go so much earlier…and so much pain ago. I would help anyone not go through this.




Those days are behind us now 🙂

Pictures are worth a thousand words…don’t you think?

First Steps

Nic's First Steps

Nic's First Steps

4 Responses to August 1st Week 20 to Week 26

  • Marie Macfarlane says:

    Hi Tammy, Mitch & Nicolas — that is great news. Now, poor Nicolas has to start all over with the process of getting vertical again , but it looks like he is making some huge progress. I am so happy for you all.
    I was so scared. I kept asking Leanne how Nicolas was, as I did not want to bother Tammy.
    Thanks to Dr Gupta, he sounds like just the man that you needed Nicolas.
    My prayers are with you always. Much Love from Grandma Marie

  • Heather Craig says:


  • Isabel Elliott says:

    Tammy, Nicholas, and Mitchell, Wonderful news for all of you. I am so glad Nick is on the mend again and over this scarey set back. Glad you found Dr. Gupta.

    My thoughts are with you.

  • Sandy Van Dyke says:

    Hi Tammy, how friggin incredible is that picture……… what an amazing,amazing young man. Tell him hello from the Van Dykes and a hello to Mitchell.

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