December 2nd

I am Sorry 🙁

It has been a very long time since I have blogged.

Nic hates the blog. I guess I get too excited and tell everyone everything before he gets a chance too. Which isn’t fair to Nic.


He wouldn’t even let me take pictures because…it would end up on the blog. I didn’t want to upset him so I didn’t blog.

I told him how much people missed our adventures and he has given me permission to blog again…I do miss letting you all know what is going on!

Nicolas did move to the Bellwood House, his first apartment. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving there, and he has made many friends.

Mom, Erin and Nic

Harrison and Nic

Our beautiful friends :)

Nicolas left Lyndhurst and has been waiting to become an Outpatient. It took 2 months, but while we waited our friend Kathy Trinder sent us to a very special Neuro Physiotherapist. He went 2 times a week and she is incredible. A gift to have met someone so incredible… Kathy…thank you so much.

Nic, Julie and Mitchell at Physio Logics

Physio is everything right now. 2 times a week at Lyndhurst and 2 times a week at Physio Logic. Add in Social Work, Occupational Therapy and 5 hours a week of schooling…Nic is a busy boy during the week.

Mitchell came back from Asia early…surprise!!! And he is gone again…Red Deer Alberta, training to work in the Oil Fields. He will do me proud…he always does.  Never a dull moment…please let there be a dull moment one day :0

We are now proud owners of  a small home on the Severn River.  The renovations are not complete, but the deck lift is in and Nic has come to his new home. It was the best thing, for two days, I didn’t feel torn. I should be there or I should be here. Peace for 2 days, cooking his favourite things…watching him sleep…having my two boys home. Priceless.

oh yes…the cottage does sleep my two boys, David and I and 5 friends…just saying!

My wonderful man is home

I just have to say children are so amazing….just when you think they couldn’t possibly do something…they do. Because basically they are suppose to make our lives hell. It’s their job. I did it to my parents and it is just growing up. But Nic and his friends (thankyou to the Dodds family for letting him stay with you in November) are truly incredible. Nic has an old soul in a beautiful teenager.(I know that is totally against what anyone would believe) and I have never been prouder of a human being in my life… and he is my boy.

Nic and Ivan

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