January 1st, 2013 Lesson’s Learned in 2012



In my whole life, I have never been more thankful for everything  that has been given to my family.

We had Nicolas for Christmas this year. We also know we almost didn’t. That was our gift this Holiday Season.

We also had a Mitchell fly home just in time for the holidays. ( Angel Jozine, Diane and Larry on Duty♥)

I want to Thank each and everyone this past year for all of your prayers, your support, your beds and your shoulders to cry on. It is somewhat of a huge fog, and all I can know for sure is we survived. And to know that anything is possible in this life and In our Country.

I also seen how my children have thrived in a very challenging world. What they have learned about caring and the strength of loving people they learned in 2012.

When I got off the plane in Toronto to see my boys the day after the accident, I knew I would never walk alone again. I just knew it in my soul. I knew my boys would be fine, we would all be fine.  Mitchell was strong when I am sure he just wanted to crumble, Leanne was the Angel that always is flying around us every step of the way. Someone let the gates burst open with the Angels, and has never stopped…with children, teenagers, friends, family and strangers  that are so kind and compassionate that I am humbled.

You gave the Paterson’s Strength. You got us through.

♥Thank you so very much ♥

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