January 9th, 2013 The Year that will Rock!


So the goals of 2013 for the Paterson’s?   


Nicolas’ has big ones!  So far he is is in school for 5 hours a week, 4 physiotherapy sessions, Social Work (Patricia helps us through the process of government and services, issues and problems that arise, things Mom hasn’t figured out yet!)  and Occupational Therapy.

Then home on weekends!


Mitchell is back in Red Deer, making his fortune…and doing something until he finds the thing he wants to do with his life. I know he will find it. He has a house that he is renting with some buddies and has been without a car for almost 30 days. I have a feeling that will soon be over. He likes the thrill of a new vehicle, always had. I don’t remember how many he has gone through. I just wish he wasn’t so far away, I miss him much.


Nic’s standing frame is almost good to go. It will get him standing and bearing weight on those legs that need strength. It also gives his body practice at balance. You remember when Liam and Leanne was there for the day? Well that’s the Standing Frame. I’ll get a better picture for you when ours is set up 🙂



Oh my…. ANOTHER Wheelchair!!! It’s gotta be DIFFERENT than anyone else’s. Sleek, fast, light, colourful.  I am going to suggest that we have a vote from all his friends, which one he should choose?  This Wheelchair we will need to do some serious fundraising for, or  I could sell an organ or something…lol. Stay tuned!





Why ANOTHER wheelchair? Well it’s a process I have learned. People in Motorized Wheelchairs have goals to get to a Manual.


Freedom…to go with buddies in their cars. You transfer more, you get upper strength, it folds, it’s light, you no longer NEED a Motorized in your mind… it is just the GOAL!


Then he wants to do this!


And then do more of  that walking stuff he is becoming famous for! 🙂




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