February 9th, 2013 Week 53?





How a year can change your life.


Well actually a split second.







This anniversary has changed Nicolas, Mitchell, me and most everyone around us. It is wonderful to see how we survived. Many times it is more than I can bear to go back in the blog and see what has happened to my little family.  Then I look in my boys eyes, and the pride I have for those two little men are all I need to go forward.



The anniversary of “February 9” was an incredible day.


winter river

 A day of being “the model” at his Physio Therapy Studio.  He was asked to show other therapists the abilities and courageous efforts of a young boy that was told he had a 1% chance of ever moving his legs. Well he showed them.








Then rush rush in the van. Bite to eat and up to the cottage, we are having a bonfire and bbq for Nic. Lovely friends and our custom made family came and we could not have been more blessed with bright sunshine, 0 degrees, and no wind.


 Thank you for coming!









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