April 2013

Thangs are a Changin!


We are pumping everything up right now! New Diet! More Intense and more hours of Physio Therapy. 6 more months of insanity. Pulling out all of the stops…because we can, and this is the time to go further. Because Nic knows he can do it.


Nic will be at PhysioLogics Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. He will also be going back to Lyndhurst Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sneaking in School on Mondays and Thursdays…we are going for gold. I am more concerned whether Wheeltrans can possibly keep up with this schedule of his 🙂

nic on treadmill



We have heard (we have not seen it yet after almost 5 months of waiting!) that our VAN is back from the United States after Modifications.  Did you know it is more expensive for Modifications than the actual van?  That’s the way things work in this disabled world. Regardless we are over the moon on the freedom it will give our family.  Nicolas has his driving assessment in 2 weeks…then watch out world, HE WILL BE DRIVING…


Scared face2

Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep.




nic and julie

feb 9th at PhysioLogics

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