May 2013

May was Busy!







We finally got our Van!





Thank you to PC Children’s Charity, March of Dimes, Lions Club of Gravenhurst, The Rotary of Gravenhurst and The Rotary of Muskoka Lakes. You kind generousity has given us freedom like we have never known.



Nicolas had his Assessment to Drive!





What does that mean? That means he went through a barrage of testing to see if he can see, think, learn, judge and be ready to go forward with getting his G2.  They also let us know what will be required to modify the van further to get him driving. Our goals to get there are to get his upper body stronger so he can use the hand controls for steering, braking and driving. To start driving lessons now, would be an additional $8,000 to change our steering box and other things to make it move with less force. We are opting for our goal of getting Nic stronger in the next few months. Patience is Nicolas’ middle name.


 Hospital Again!


imagesimagesst mikes may


Big concerns with his heart. For over a week his heart was beating at an average rate of 118 bpm and spiking to 150bpm. Normal is 70bpm. After seeing his Doctors in the morning and having a quick stint at Toronto Western, we went to St Michael’s Hospital. When taken into Major Trauma, his heart rate finally dropped to normal.  After a ton of tests, he was released and we made an appointment with a Cardiologist.


There has been no reason to date for this craziness. We are now going to see if his bladder or kidneys may have made his heart race like this. Add onto the wound on his shoulder blade that is taking its sweet time healing, this kid continues to amaze me with his tolerance of this crap.




chris and nic at promnic prom
Prom was at the Windemere House and seemed well enjoyed.


I think the after party might

have been just as big a hit!


prom group












Nicolas has needles sticking into him on Mondays!


needles in arm

Acupuncture needles apparently don’t hurt!

We are trying to get his neck and shoulder pain in check!

His Holistic Dr is trying to fatten him up, but I think I can do a better job 🙂










Paul is his therapist, and this gives Nicolas strength

and muscles resistance exercises.


Oh yes, and comedic relief with these two!





And why this is all worth it?





walking may 2013

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