Barb Boyer                                                    Micky Iutzi                           

705 687-5517                                               705 687-7956


Leanne Hand                                                 Mary Jane Philp                         

705 641-1326                                               705 687-3474


David Heaslip 18 Melane Court, Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1X7

705 645-5011

9 Responses to Contacts

  • Joyce Tomkinson says:

    I am a parent of one of Nic’s friends and I work at Gravenhurst Public School. I was thinking we could ask if the high schools can put this on their announcements. It would probably better to have one or two contacts-instead of interrupting all of these people. Just a suggestion and I can do this(contact the schools) just tell me who will be the contact. Also – we could get it on the Moose radio station – I can also do this – just let me know. The more advertisement the better. I am willing to work please contact me!

    • David Heaslip says:

      Joy: We’d love to have your help. Our immediate need is to get tickets sold. We have about 50 items for the auction, right up to a $500 air conditioner! You can reach me at 705-645-5011. I’d love to grab a coffee with you some day at the end of your school day to talk about this. David (

  • David Heaslip says:

    I would love to have Joyce help us. How do we contact her?

  • Emily Magee says:

    I am very interested in helping out in any way I can. Does anyone know of a Facebook page for Nic? Donations/Support? I think it would be a great way to get the word out even more. 🙂

  • Susan Thomas says:

    I plan on attending the fundraiser on the 19th with 1 guest. Can I purchase tickets at the door?

    I am coming from Toronto – hoping to get away from work by 3:30. I am bringing a donation gift basket from a Kahshe Lake neighbour (Calvin Klien products). Depending on traffic, opening the cottage and getting my pup ‘settled’ – my realistic ‘ETA’ would likely be closer to 6pm. What time does the silent auction begin?


    • admin says:

      The silent auction starts at 5:30 pm and ends at 8 pm
      There will be 3 sections closing at 3 different times throughout the night up to 8 pm
      I am not sure that there will be tickets at the door.
      Can you purchase a ticket somehow ahead of time?
      You can contact anyone on the Contacts tab to arrange to purchase a ticket.

    • admin says:

      If you are sure you are coming I can hold 2 tickets at the door for you in your name.

      • Susan Thomas says:

        YES….I need 2 tickets. In the meantime, though, I have had communication with Leanne.
        Please refer to Leanne regarding tickets, time of arrival (as I will be bringing a donation – Calvin Klein clothing products in gift basket) from a neighbour on Kahshe Lake.
        I will be there at the earliest I can, but, realistically, it looks like 6pm. Is there anyone else coming from Toronto that I could get this gift basket to? Perhaps, someone that can be in Gravenhurst for the 5:30 start?

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