About Nic

Nic has always loved sports, he was always finding a way to one-up someone.



When he picked up any type of board he could ride it like a natural.

At the same time he was smart about everything he did. Nic seemed

to always find motivation around him and never quit, it could be recognized by everyone around him.

Along with his kindness and positive attitude he had no problem putting a smile on everyone’s face.

The personality he has is inspirational and the word “can’t” has never been a word is his vocabulary. We are unsure of the adventure that awaits us in the future, but knowing Nic it will be done with guts and crazy determination.

Stay tuned!

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  • Isabel Elliott says:

    I was thinking of you and your brother just last week and wondering how you are doing. I am so sorry for this tragic accident. I know your mother and brother Mitchell will be with you the whole healing way and your Dad’s spirit will as well. Thinking of you and your journey to recover. My love to all your family, Isabel Elliott

  • Thelma Chaves says:

    Hi Tammy!!

    Your strength and spirit just amaze and inspire me!! Nick is a very lucky and courageous young man!! Looks like you have turned the road to recovery into a positive place to be!!

    love Thelma…xo

  • Jack digiacomo says:

    This difficult time finding that will and drive deep down to heal and recover and the love and sometimes intense will to help you keep focus on short goals is the order of the day stay strong patience take care.

  • Hey,
    Your page was sent to me by a photographer that interviewed me last summer for Muskoka Magazine. My grandparents live in Gravenhurst. I wanted to say you are amazing and your spirit incredible. I have posted on all my pages, sites and twitter to check out your stuff. I am on FB I have 2 accounts but auzzy macdonald is the one I use for friends (my other is for biz) friend me if you want. I have alot of friends in the entertainment biz and maybe we can do something for you. Check out my website and maybe have your mom message my mom and they can hook up. Helen Fratton-MacDonald (helen5@rogers.com) if you have twitter I am @auzzymac here is on of my other pages check it out and add anything you want to it http://www.facebook.com/AustinMacDonaldOfficial

    Good luck & Good Wishes

  • Randine Westgate says:

    I am sorry I haven’t come down to see you. I will have to fit it in because it is important.

    Nic, your tenacity and fierce resistance to authority (the nay sayers) will get you far. You have showed people time and time again that you can do anything so you will take this to the limits as well.

    You are an amazing human being!!


  • Sharon Lewis says:

    Tammy, Mitchell & Nicholas,
    I was so very sorry to hear about Nicholas’s accident… Horrible ordeal for any parent to have to go through but the spirit in which you have embraced this journey is truly amazing. I have been looking at the pictures and Nicholas
    is a “miracle in the making”. I wish I could have been there for the fundraiser but I am away again in NL as my mother has had a stroke and also just got her placed in an amazing Rehab center here.
    I think of Jim so often and when I saw Mitchell’s picture I smiled & cried, looking so much like his Dad when we first met.
    When I get back to Ontario, hopefully within next week or so, I would love to come for a visit and share
    a little story with you….

    • Tammy says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I had some time to read through the blog today, and am so happy that I did this. I hope things are good in your world, I always remember your happy smile. The boys do look like their dad, with a bit of me. They are beautiful both inside and out and they make me very proud. You should meet them one day 🙂

  • Caytlynn says:

    Nic , im so happy to hear that your getting better , i read every blog that has been posted and i find it amazing how much progress you have made in 3 months .
    stay strong and keep your head up high , 🙂
    I hope you get better and get back to everything that you do best ,
    we need you back at bml , all the findraisers are a huge help , ive donated over $50 into the buckets for money for you guys ,
    and i put in 2 trailors full of electronics to those bins.. spring cleaning 😉
    and im helping with the fundraisers for you that we are doing soon also ,
    i hope you get better , we need you back at bml !
    miss you like crazy <3(:!
    Get better(:

  • Cousin Angie says:

    I continue to read your Mom’s updates and tears of joy always take over. I’m sooo proud of you Nic. Your strength amazes me. I have no idea how hard it is for you but obviously you’re setting the toughness aside and moving forward. Positive thinking is positive outcome! When I close my eyes and think of you I see you dancing with me at my wedding last year….I also see me dancing with you at your wedding some day!!! Love you bud xoxoxo

  • Sarah says:

    I cannot even begin to belive whats going through you and I wish you all the best along with my family.

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