Networking Solutions Include:

  • Configuration of wireless Internet router to share Internet access
  • Setup Home or Office Network to share printer/resources.
  • Enabling best wireless security for your network
  • Able to offer consulting services for EDI/AS2 compliant solutions

Computer Repair Solutions Include:

  • Installation of programs
  • Troubleshooting, technical support of PC hardware/software
  • Ensure that Virus programs are running properly and virus definitions are updating
  • Ensure that all Windows Security updates are being installed when available
  • Ensure that efficient Anti-Spyware program running and is updating
  • Cleaning unnecessary files and training on backup procedures
  • Maintenance: Replace/add parts – RAM (memory)

Learn something new with Muskoka River Computer

Muskoka River Computer offers training on:

  • the use of your computers software
  • network and devices such as printer, digital camera and scanner
  • Editing photos
  • Backing up your files and photos etc…

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